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Welcome to the online home of Tomasini Training Center

- Sonoma County, California -

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Teaching horses (and their riders) to move with softness and self carriage is our goal.

Known for making fine horses and riders, trainer and clinician Susan Tomasini focuses on the Cowboy Dressage® mission of training and riding with a “Soft Feel”. We define Soft Feel as “the Language of Lightness in the conversation between horse and rider”. Her lessons, clinics and training all reflect this pursuit.

Susan, a founding partner of Cowboy Dressage World, has gained a reputation for rapid, effective results based upon her unique communication style and deep knowledge. Here’s a brief biography.        

Cowboy Dressage is a Specialty. We’re “Taking You Back to the Future of Excellent Horsemanship”!

Congratulations to Susan on her excellent Open Freestyle at this years Cowboy Dressage Finals. The judge wrote “Difficult test, beautifully done” and gave an incredible score of 92.5 including 10′s for Harmony and Partnership! Here’s the ride:

Cowboy Dressage freestyle, Susan Tomasini, Horse Lessons

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Cowboy Dressage World shows -

  • Interested in booking a clinic? We still have a few slots open. See the flyer below for details)

We’re grateful the Eclectic Horseman Magazine has allowed our operation to be included in their “California Community Listings“. This is a fine magazine. Consider subscribing.

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2014 “Language of Lightness” Cowboy Dressage clinics.

We can still fit a few more. Contact us if you’d like to be a host.

Here’s an overview of what’s being offered:

Cowboy Dressage Clinics, lessons, training


Custom Saddles
    Located in the rolling hills outside Cotati, Susan specializes in teaching

  • Cowboy Dressage®
  • Soft Feel (Language of Lightness)
  • Ground Manners
  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Independant Seat
  • Transitions
  • Lead changes
  • Working at Liberty
  • Catching
  • Trailer Loading
  • Mounting
  • Water Crossing
Custom Tack

 Accepting new clients on a space available basis.
Interested in lessons or clinics?
Email Susan Tomasini for information

 - And NOW, the Cowboy Dressage® World website -

Cowboy Dressage World Susan Tomasini Partner and Advisor

EXCITING NEWS! – New Cowboy Dressage® tests have been released with a revolutionary new court design.

Congratulations to Susan on winning the 2012 Freestyle Cowboy Dressage® Championship buckle at the Rancho Murieta Mother Lode Show!

Here’s the buckle and her ride:

Susan Tomasini Cowboy Dressage Freestyle Championship Buckle

Susan and Beyjude also won the Walk Jog Lope #4 test with a score of 72.1. Here’s the ride:

Here’s a slideshow for your enjoyment:


Cowboy Dressage with Beyjude                                                   Cowboy Dressage Freestyle Demonstration

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